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Deluxe Rose Arrangement - Specialty Vase

This item is
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This item is
Temporarily Unavailable
Roses are the best way to show love, passion and beyond diamonds, they are a girl's best friend!

So when looking for "rose delivery near me," In Bloom Flowers' luxurious and deluxe long-stemmed roses with a mix of greenery of various shades and textures in a tall specialty vase, is all you need to create an exquisite expression of love.

Each rose is bold and vibrant, making a statement of luxury and opulence. Perfect for a special occasion or simply to show your loved one how much you care, our Deluxe Rose Arrangement is sure to impress. Order today and let us deliver the luxury directly to your door!

Arrangement Name: Deluxe Rose Arrangement - Specialty Vase

Flowers in use: Roses, Assorted Greeneries

Colors: Red, Green

Reason for Purchase: Anniversary, Love

Country of Origin: USA, Ecuador, Columbia

Scent: Perfumed

Size: 34"H x 22"W

Orientation: All around

Packaging: Limited release specialty vase

Recommended Additions: Musee Bath Balm, Musee Shower Steamer, Sweet Shop Assorted Truffles, Assorted Chocolates by Abdallah, Plush Bear

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Red Roses - Heartbreaker Vase size,  inches height and  inches wide.

Red Roses - Heartbreaker Vase - $115.00